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About Us

R&D Synbias Ltd. is a Ukrainian producer of fine chemicals.

R&D Synbias Ltd. is a private company, located in Ukraine in the city Kyiv.

The company was founded 1993. Our highqualified chemists (incl. five with doctor degree and
one professor) are ex-researchers of academical institute. Overall number of employees is 50.

Preceding year sales: about USD 2 500 000.

Area: Office (130m2), Laboratory (200m2), Warehouse (1600m2) Ц are rented by academical
institute; next year is planned the building of own laboratory and storage facilities.

Activities: research, manufacturing and trading.

Research and manufacturing activity: manufacturing of analytical reagents, synthons
and custom organic synthesis (main directions: aromatics and N-heterocycles),
active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Facilities: all laboratory facilities except hydrogenation under pressure and working with some
hazardous gases (borane, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulphide, phosgene, phosphine, silane).

Capacity: till 50-100kg of one product monthly, till 1.0-1.5MT yearly.

Analytical equipment: all standard methods, atomic absorption, UV-VIS, IR
and NMR spectra, GC, HPLC, TLC. Analytical laboratory is certified by Ukrainian
Committee for Standardization and Metrology. Our company is certified by ISO 9001-2008.

Trading: chemical reagents (especially for analytical and biochemical laboratories), synthons and APIs.
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